Messaging Strategist / Epiphany Catalyst

Around 2007 I launched a consulting service called Clarityworx™ in response to what I viewed as one of the biggest contributing factors to marketing ineffectiveness—the preoccupation with design and execution at the expense of clear, value-driven messaging.

Over several years I developed a systematic approach to creating “message architectures” designed to provide the foundation for a company’s marketing and creative strategy. I provided this service to a wide range of businesses and organizations from small startups to mid-sized regional businesses and several Fortune 500 companies.

Clarify Message / Share Story / Nail Objectives

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What Is A “Message Architecture?”

Back in 2009 I did this “Crunch Lunch” presentation about the importance of developing a message architecture before marketing a startup. Crunch Lunches were fast-paced, lunchtime business events where 10 presenters spent five minutes each in a rapid-fire presentation of concentrated business advice, tips, and ideas for new entrepreneurs. Each presenter had exactly five minutes using 20 slides that auto advanced every 15 seconds—a format that insured a high concentration of business advice in one hour over lunch. Presenters were required to be highly informative, educational, and relevant. Presenters were not allowed to pitch until the final 15-second slide.

Partial Client List

I’ve had the privilege of working on message development for the following companies:

Toshiba America
Grand America Hotel
Stewart Mountain Lodging
US Metronets
Helius (Hughes Network Systems)
Crown Council
Bank Of Utah
Advanced Tactics International
Learning Curves
Geo Discovery
Axial Biotech
Fresh Start Dental Centers
Galton Technologies
Ironman USA
Galindo Consulting
Global Leadership Alliance
Sorenson Communications
Vision Source
Johnson & Johnson
and others…