Lava7 — A Social Media Marketing Agency

IN 2008, three other partners and I founded Lava7™— “a social media marketing agency that combines remarkable mindset and creativity to execute social media strategies that achieve business objectives.”

Here’s the way we positioned the agency…

Bringing Early Clarity To Social Media Marketing

It’s a fascinating time to market. It’s also overwhelming. When it comes to considering the value of social media tools and tactics as part of an integrated marketing strategy, many companies are feeling frustrated. We help.

Many of our business relationships are simply consultive. Clients often tell us that we’ve helped them really understand the mindset and strategy behind social media marketing for the very first time. We also work with inhouse marketing departments (and other creative services vendors less connected to this space) to assist them in understanding and embracing the opportunities. Let’s visit.

In Early 2008…

Charging Ahead Through Mindset & Creativity

We drive business through message clarity, compelling creative and effective integration of social media tools.

We’re insanely passionate about two bodies of thought we’ve developed and refined. One is The Digital Engagement Continuum™, and the other is Digital Behavior Blueprinting™. We utilize these to bring clarity, simplicity, and focus to each strategy, and to kick it when it comes to rubber-hits-the-road delivery. We’re advocates of Albert Einstein’s adage, “Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Our leadership team has a rich, award-winning background in message development, concepting, visual thinking, copywriting, art direction and graphic design. Our propellor heads are seo/smo/php/html/wtf/code wizards. Together, we produce relevant, compelling creative that not only engages audiences, but achieves marketing objectives. It’s a beautiful thang.

Paraphrasing Adam Singer, social media marketing thought leader, “You don’t need self-proclaimed social media experts, you need great marketers that understand social media. It isn’t about platforms, it’s about developing ideas—ideas that spread.”

Clients & Projects

PROJECT: Novell Corporate Social Media Branding

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PROJECT: Visit Salt Lake Social Media Event Hub

Why The Name, “Lava7”?

“So, what does Lava7 mean?” you ask. Chris Brogan writes, “Today, marketing is about engaging with communities and delivering products and services with stories that spread.”

Lava spreads.

Lava makes its way to the Earth’s surface in a variety of ways. Sometimes, it erupts thousands of feet into the air. Other times it flows—slowly. In either case, lava spreads. In much the same way, digital engagement marketing strategies vary in their delivery based upon objectives, audiences, and resources. But the common thread is, social media-driven stories spread.

When lava is hot and fresh, it continues to spread. As it cools, it hardens to create fertile platforms for growth. Even a little lava can do some good, but more lava does more good—eventually establishing far-reaching landforms that support and sustain life.

The Number “7”? Every other number between 1 and 10, when paired with the word “Lava”, was unavailable as a dotcom.

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