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Smart practices use social media to boost SEO, attract new patients, increase case acceptance, raise top-of-mind awareness, decrease attrition and strengthen patient relationships.

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How We Help Practices Grow

My Social Practice makes effective social media marketing easy for dental, orthodontic, and eye care practices—and doable in 10 minutes a day. Here are the 3 ways we do that:

1. When The Team Is Empowered To Participate, Effort Becomes Effective
A practice’s honest, transparent participation is what makes content marketing effective. We provide the online tools and in-practice printed materials they need to tie their daily in-practice activity to what’s happening online.

2. Remarkable, Creative Content
Great content engages, provides value, shares business culture, boosts clout, demonstrates passion, and strengthens relationships. Search engines love it too. We provide that to practices in various ways—daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly—without taking over the practice’s voice.

3. Consistency That Ensures Success
When social media marketing is fast and easy a practice becomes consistent. Our support makes that possible and affordable. They need not do it alone.

Social media marketing helps practices grow in five ways:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Dental Social Media ROI

2. Greater Retention
Reducing attrition by even 1% through relationship-based marketing can mean thousands in savings each year. It’s much more profitable to retain a patient than to replace a patient with a new one.

3. Increased Case Acceptance
Commonly called “the million dollar filing cabinet”, social media makes a dent through education and “stories that spread” about new and previously recommended treatments and services.

4. New Patients
Social media marketing is primarily internal marketing. Word-of-mouth on steroids increases referrals and generates top-of-mind awareness. New patients aren’t one-timers, they’re keepers who appreciate you more and spend more.

5. Added Practice Equity
A deep-seated digital marketing presence, following, and strategy reaches well beyond lightweight SEO services. It’s not only far more sustainable and effective, but it’s always an important contributor to practice valuation. Aaron Schulman, 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists, helps dentists sell and acquire practices. He recently wrote, “Having an active social media presence will make your dental office inviting to potential buyers and will show that your marketing is current and front-of-mind to potential and current patients.”

A Creative Team That Loves Social Media

Social Media for Dentists

Social media marketing in a dental, orthodontic, or eye care practice is just too important to leave to generalists—whether that be a website company trying to jump on the social media bandwagon, or a glove salesperson looking for another line item on this month’s order. Best case… These well-intentioned service providers simply don’t have enough social media experience or background to offer good advice. Worst case? Not-so-well-intentioned service providers are taking advantage of many dental practices’ social media naiveté in order to make a buck. It’s likely they don’t have a sound understanding of the integrated thinking behind honest, straightforward and effective social media marketing.

Social Media for Orthodontists

At My Social Practice, we’re specialists, and the recognized thought leaders in this space. It’s all we do… And it shows in the quality and effectiveness of our dental, orthodontic and eye care programs.

No, I’m Not A Dentist… But I’ve Played One On TV

Social Media for Orthodontists

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