Nine-to-Fives That Shaped My Journey

“That ‘secret quality plus’ is your belief that it’s not good enough yet, and that you can make it better. It’s the belief that you’re not going to ‘get away’ with anything because you are the judge. You’re not trying to put something over on anyone. It’s your work and you want it to be good.

If you can be the artist, creating your own life, you have the right idea. If you can stand and say, ‘Everything that comes from me has my signature on it, merely because it’s out of my hand…’, you will find your recognition, your work will be noticed, and you will get what you want for it.

You only defeat yourself when you hold back your best work. If your boss isn’t worth working for, you shouldn’t be there. But as long as you’re there, do your best. If he’s making money off of you, fine! You get the sense of growth and development, and the sense of yourself doing good!

That’s what you’re trying to open—that channel of generosity, of giving yourself to your work.”

— Dr. David Viscott

Jack Hadley Jack in the Box Manager

Jack in the Box Manager

“Hi! Welcome to Jack in the Box! This is Jack. May I take your order?”

Jack Hadley Stuart James Brokerage

Stock Broker, Stuart-James

Sold penny stocks in 1980s à la The Wolf of Wall Street. Nearly ended up homeless…

Jack Hadley Real Estate

Real Estate Agent

At one time I thought I’d follow in my father’s footsteps…

Jack Hadley Sundance Ski School

Ski Instructor, Sundance Resort

Growing up in California, I didn’t try on skis until…

Jack Hadley Polynesian Cultural Center

Chinese Tour Guide

I guided Chinese-speaking tours at the PCC…

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